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Besides the application of hypervalent iodine reagents, a new type of dyotropic rearrangement has been discovered. The work has been published in Angewandte Chemistry International Edition (Wiley). For further reading, please, click here

 zng pub 88

Our new practical guideline for elucidating catalysts has been published in Nature Catalysis as a matters arising article. For further reading, please, click here

 zng pub 86

Our new theoretical and practical study has been published in Chemical Science (RSC) as an Edge Article. In this investigation we aimed to explain in details the Ortho Effect in Transitional Metal Catalyzed C-H Activation. To provide a comprehensive overview. More than 250 substrates were added to the downloadable Fully Interactive Database. The developed methodology was validated in conceptual experiments, allowing reliable prediction for C-H Activation of custom substrates. For further reading, please, click here

 zng pub 79

We have published our new work about metal-free vicinal difunctionalization of carbon-carbon double bond for the platform synthesis of trifluoroalkyl amines in Nature Communications (Nature Research). For further reading, please, click here.

zng pub 78

Our paper about Photocatalytic Palladium-Catalyzed Fluoroalkylation of Styrene Derivatives has been published in Organic Letters (ACS). For further reading, please, click here.

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Sunday, 26 January 2020 18:36

We have two new papers in 2020

The Synthesis, Structural Analysis and Application of Aryl‐Diadamantyl Phosphine ligands in Palladium Catalyzed Cross‐Coupling Reactions have been published in European Journal of Organic Chemistry (Wiley). For further reading, please, click here.

zng pub 76

In a co-operational research project the Microstructure of Nanocrystalline Hydrogen-Storing Mg-Titanate Nanotube Composites have been investigated, and published in Energies (MDPI). For further reading, please, click here.

zng pub 75

Thursday, 29 August 2019 10:50

Shiny Transformations During the Summer

Recently we released two new papers in topic of photoredox catalysis.

Firrst, we were synthesized the highly modular bis(imino)copper(I) complexes and utilized as copper-based photocatalysts in ATRA reactions. The was paper entitled as "Design and application of diimine-based copper(I) complexes in photoredox catalysis" and published in Org. Biomol. Chem. (RSC). For further reading, please, click here.

zng pub 72

Second, we developed a new Ni-Ir dual photocatalytic method for Liebeskind coupling of sulfonium salts with proline to prepare 2‐benzylpyrrolidines. It has been just accepted in Eur. J. Org. Chem. (Wiley). For further reading, please, click here.

zng pub 73


The multifunctional aryl(trifloxyalkenyl)iodonium triflate salts are known for a while, but their preparation has never been easier. In this publication we demonstrated that, theese interesting vinyliodonium salts can be isolated using one-pot method starting from commercially available starting materials. The paper entitled as "Synthesis of Multifunctional Aryl(trifloxyalkenyl)iodonium Triflate Salts" and published in ACS Omega. For further reading, please, Click here.

zng pub 71

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